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Unlimited bandwidth/space

Mar Wed 2021 08:47:08


it is simply impossible for a company to offer unlimited space or bandwidth to use. As hosting companies and their associated technologies are themselves limited (i.e. bandwidth or hard disk space), unlimited offerings are usually just an advertising gimmick. Often you will find clauses embedded deep within the company’s terms of service (TOS) that negate the unlimited offering. The clauses are usually arbitrary, such as excessive CPU usage will be ground for account termination. Whenever you visit a site promoting “Unlimited Bandwidth” as one of the account features, be sure to visit their Terms of Service. Read the fine text about the so-called “Unlimited” disclaimer, you will be surprised! We have noticed that many hosts are now using a theory that not all customers will use the same amounts of bandwidth, meaning that they will be able to provide customers that use bandwidth, the extra needed. That is true, but what happens if the host has many customers that seem to be using over the bandwidth averages?

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